Private Cloud:
Control, scalability, and power

Our Private Cloud ensures optimal performance and total control of your data, taking care of the network, hardware, and virtualization according to your needs.


Why CubePath Private Cloud?

Choose CubePath Private Cloud for a secure and flexible IT solution, tailored to your company. It offers efficient management of applications and data, with operational flexibility. Our innovation and robust security ensure your IT infrastructure is ready for the future.



Adjust resources according to your needs, with predictable and controlled costs. Avoid over-provisioning with our transparent pricing structure.


High Availability

Our redundant infrastructure guarantees a fault-tolerant service, covering everything from power supply and cooling to routers, storage, and nodes.


Robust Security

Secure virtualized environments with dedicated servers, isolated private networks, and exclusive storage. We implement multifactor authentication for secure server management access.


Transparent Costs

With CubePath, you always know exactly what you're paying for. No hidden charges or surprises. Our clear pricing structure allows you to manage your IT budget efficiently and reliably.


Expert Assistance

Access our specialized support team 24/7, available by email and phone to resolve any technical issues with your private cloud, ensuring the continuous operation of your infrastructure.


High Performance

Monitor the performance of your IT infrastructure at all times. CubePath's cloud environments, with dedicated nodes and 40 Gb/s links, ensure smooth and efficient data transmission.


Nearby Data Centers

Ensure low latency and high availability with strategically located data centers near you, guaranteeing optimal performance and a rapid response to your IT needs.


State-of-the-Art Hardware

We use state-of-the-art hardware to ensure performance, reliability, and efficiency in all our services, keeping your infrastructure at the cutting edge.

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More about Private Cloud

Designed to handle the most demanding workloads and facilitate digital transformation, while keeping IT costs controlled. Our private cloud servers offer the robustness and security of a dedicated environment along with the functionality, flexibility, and scalability of the public cloud.

At CubePath, we use AMD Epyc and AMD Ryzen processors to ensure superior performance and efficiency. Our servers are equipped with next-generation NVMe drives, providing ultra-fast transfer speeds. Additionally, we have low-latency switches to ensure fast and efficient communication between nodes. With a scalable infrastructure, we offer exceptional performance and security to meet the needs of any business.

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is a cloud environment where computing resources are exclusively dedicated to one organization. It's like having your own data center but with the advantages of the cloud. This allows companies to maintain greater control over the performance of their virtualized IT infrastructure. While it can be hosted on-premises, it is generally hosted by a specialized provider like CubePath.

Why choose a private cloud?

To leverage the flexibility of the cloud and obtain the performance, control, and security of a dedicated infrastructure, companies can opt for single-tenant environments without the need to manage their own servers. The private cloud provider handles the acquisition, management, and maintenance of the physical infrastructure, enabling rapid provisioning and deployment, keeping the IT budget under control, increasing security and redundancy, and meeting regulatory requirements.

When is a private cloud useful?

A private cloud is especially useful when a high level of security, control, and customization is required. It is ideal for companies with predictable and critical workloads, corporate applications, sensitive data processing, and services that demand high availability and performance. It is also beneficial for organizations that need to meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

Main Features of Private Cloud

Advanced Security: Protects sensitive data with robust and customized security measures.

Total Control: Provides a high degree of control over resources and infrastructure.

Customization: Allows the infrastructure to be tailored to the specific needs of the company.

High Performance: Ensures optimal and consistent performance for critical applications.

High Availability: Guarantees continuous and reliable access to services.

Regulatory Compliance: Facilitates compliance with specific industry regulations and standards.

How do the public cloud and private cloud differ?

The public cloud shares resources among multiple users, while the private cloud offers resources exclusively dedicated to a single organization, providing greater control, security, and customization.