DDos Protection

We use our Own AnyCast DDoS protection Network

Global 5Tbps network

A global AnyCast network allows us to distribute traffic among all our locations and mitigate the attack at the edge.

Firewall with stateful capabilitis

Specialized firewall with stateful rules that allows us to filter the most specialized attacks on Layer 7 applications.

FlowSpec Mitigation in all of our routers

FlowSpec mitigates DDoS by distributing traffic rules via BGP to improve security


DDoS Protection with a proactive team

Our DDoS protection relies on advanced detection and mitigation technologies that enable us to proactively identify any suspicious activity within our network. This includes the detection of anomalous traffic patterns indicative of an ongoing DDoS attack. Early detection is crucial for taking preventive actions and minimizing any service disruption.

A large number of DDoS filters

What types of attacks do we mitigate?

  • iconCarpet Bombing
  • iconOpenVPN UDP Server
  • iconTCP ACK
  • iconUDP Flood
  • iconTCP SYN
  • iconHTTP/S Protection
  • iconDNS Server
  • iconGRE
  • iconWireGuard Server
  • iconRDP
  • iconFiveM Server Queries
  • iconHalf-Life Dedicated/GoldSrc Server
  • iconTeamSpeak 3 Server
  • iconMinecraft: Java Edition Server
  • iconArma 3 Server
  • iconRakNet Server (v2)
  • iconSA-MP Server Queries
  • iconL4D2/CS:GO Sourc
  • iconRakSAMP Filter
  • iconLiteNetLib Server
  • iconQUIC Server
  • iconSIP Server
  • iconDTLS Server
  • iconRTP Server
  • iconRenegade X Server
  • iconDayZ Server
  • iconSquad/Post Scriptum Server
  • iconQuake 3 Server
  • iconASE/Multi Theft Auto Queries
  • iconLineage II Server